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Roadside Assistance*
The standard Thames Insurance Brokers policy holder will be assisted by One Loyalty in roadside situations such as a flat tyre, battery jump-start, towing, emergency fuel delivery, amongst others.

ER24 Service Product*
ER24 will provide a member with the following services as a result of a member’s involvement in a Medical Emergency:

  • Medical advice and information hotline
  • Emergency medical advice and assistance
  • Emergency medical response to the scene of a medical emergency
  • Medical transportation

Home Assistance*
The home assistance product is designed to assist the customer with inconveniences related to their homes, such as locksmiths, electricians and plumbers.

Home Drive Service*
There are many reasons not to drive under the influence and with our Home Drive Service, a driver will take you and your car home safely.

If you require a driver’s assistance to get you from point A to point B in one of Home Drive’s vehicles, our professional team of standby drivers will be at your service, whether you’re running between meetings, need an airport transfer or if your car has been booked in for a service.

*If included in your policy